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Post Red Muscadine Grape Juice

Post Red Muscadine Grape Juice

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Post Vineyards offers a taste of this unique southern grape in award-winning wine and juice. No water or sugar is used and absolutely no concentrate. This is 100% pure grape juice! The juice is great used as a mixer in drinks, and makes a great spritzer when cut 1:1 with sparkling water and served over ice with a slice of lemon or lime. Or just drinking by its self.   

The muscadine grape is native to the Southeast United States. Some refer to it as Scuppernong, which is a variety of muscadine known to grow wild. All muscadines have an amazing taste and fragrance and a hardiness necessary to survive the hot and humid south. Folk tales of recipes refer to muscadine jelly, juice and wine, and even muscadine pie. High in resveratrol and ellagic acid, muscadines are a source of many antioxidants, especially concentrated in the skin and seeds of the fruit.

This is Non Alcoholic  100% pure Muscadine Grape Juice 

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