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Iron Cove Co

Dinner Bell

Dinner Bell

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This is bare metal with a clear coat on it.  It will rust over time left outside.  Proudly made in USA, Chickamauga GA. Iron Cove Co

  • One triangle dinner bell, one striker, one mounting hook for mounting.
  • Rustic barn décor adds farmhouse charm to your lunch and dinner with the triangle dinner bell and cast iron dinner bell
  • To call your family to dinner, playfully strike this metal dinner bell and watch them trickle in quickly
  • Designed to hang as a decorative piece in your kitchen or dining room.  The dinner bell is suitable for outdoor living.  This is metal so it will rust.
  • We make our Dinner Bell out of 5/8 material.  It is 12x12 and at 5 1/2lbs.  It is bare metal with a clear coat on it only.


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